Transparant background

Hey, i just installed this plugin and its pretty nice. I only miss one very important function as a designer. I would love to see the option to make the background transparant, so i can use the animations in more situations.

One more thing, when you click on preview animation (before adding it), i dont see a ‘back’ button. Could you add this as well? Now i have to search again and again for the animations.

For the rest, very beautiful plugin, nice design and very handy.

Greetings Jasper

How do you create the animation?
In After effects you have an option for this, it is icon on bottom of stage that look like chess board

Hey Jasper!

I’m curious as to what you mean. Are you talking about the After Effects plugin or the Figma plugin?
I only ask because I imagine that with AE the transparent background thing wouldn’t be a problem (unless I’ve misunderstood what you mean).

Hope you can clarify so I can help :slight_smile:

Hey, I meant the plugin for Figma :grin: and yes, I mean a transparent background option for all the illustrations that are available. Now I can choose between white/black or any color, but transparent would be the best.


So with the LottieFiles for Figma plugin you can make the background transparent for some of the GIFs (I’ve found it doesn’t work for all, depending on how they are composed).

So in the plugin, open up the background color color-picker and then drag this bar here to adjust the transparency.

This will not work for all GIFs sadly but hopefully, for your sake, it will for the ones you need :smiley: