Masks not rendering in Lottie

Hi! Does anyone know how to make masks work in Lottie? Everything is previewing as expected in AE, but the masks disappear in Lottie. Is there a fix for this? I haven’t found a solution that works yet, without having to fix the code (which is not an option). Help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

In case anyone else is having this issue, I found a possible solution. I masked a pre-comp and it worked in Lottie preview. Without the pre-comp, it wasn’t recognizing the mask for some reason.

I never had such issue. I mask the object or an element or comp with separate shape layer and add Alpha Matte as normal or inverse depends upon situations. But Luma Matte never worked for me.

If you are using masks to crop elements they may not work. Masks don’t work generally when you use a vector layer with the turned on “collapse transformations”. It may also not show up when you export through bodymovin. Precomping or using alpha mattes is usually a way to go, or convert your illustrator file to shapes, then you shouldn’t have issues using masks.

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@gbiloski Can you kindly explain more details. I am still having the issue. Everything which is inside the mask does not get exported when I choose json. #loosingmymind